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1800 Series Small Square Balers

From the time hay enters the wide, low-profile pickup until it drops out the back as a finished bale, the crop follows a straight path. There are no right-angle turns and no high pickup lifts to shake or tear valuable leaves from the stems.


Instead, the crop is lifted about half as high as on competitive models and fed straight into a pre-forming chamber that actually forms each flake before sweeping it into the bale chamber. It all adds up to higher-quality bales that are easier to stack and easier to feed.

Hesston by Massey Ferguson

1800 Series Baler Brochure


Better in the field.

Better on the road.

The benefits of in-line design go far beyond better shaped bales. Because field and road positions are one in the same, you save time when you’re on the move. It also means the baler and any wagon pulled behind it are towed in a straight line, for less twist or strain on the baler frame. And the baler can adjust to ground contours faster and easier, since flotation tires are of equal size on both sides of the machine.


Quality Hay Starts Here.

Maybe you need a strong, reliable baler for a limited number of acres. Or you're a high-volume producer and custom operator who mechanically loads and transports a lot of hay. The 1800 Series has models to fill both needs.

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