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2200 Series Large Square Balers

When Hesston introduced the first large square baler in 1978, it quickly became a preferred solution for cattle, dairy, and long distance transport. Now the industry's leading baler brand brings you the 2200 Series - the most reliable, productive balers ever built.


The 2200 Series Large Square Balers are building on the advances of our popular 2100 Series and taking the technology even further and now include a ProCut™ Rotary Cutter option for a more precise cut with higher capacity, and simplified serviceability.

Hesston by Massey Ferguson

2200 Series Baler Brochure


After nearly 40 years, we’ve never stopped looking ahead.

Automatic bale density control An electronic density control system measures the resistance of the bale moving through the bale chamber and automatically adjusts a pair of double-acting hydraulic cylinders that apply pressure to the sides and top of the bale chamber to maintain the desired bale density – regardless of crop and field conditions. Since the plunger load is measured by both plunger arms, the system also alerts the operator of the need to fill the right or left side of the chamber.

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