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The Signature name says it all. Vermeer introduced the “One-Man Hay System” in 1971 to help farmers and ranchers get the job done. The 504R Signature baler advances this legacy by giving the working man a baler for any operation. Built for producers who harvest primarily dry hay but also want the ability to bale silage when the weather isn’t on their side. Built upon the three signature pillars of Vermeer balers – convenience, ease of use and durability. 

Vermeer 504R Signature Net/Twine Baler

SKU: 11366
  • Specs

    Bale Size
    Spec Value
    Bale Diameter 60 in (152.4 cm)
    Bale Width 47 in (119.4 cm)
    Bale Weight 1200 lbs (544.3 kg)
    Dimensions and Weights
    Spec Value
    Length - Standard 156 in (396.2 cm)
    Length (With Net) 173 in (439.4 cm)
    Length (With Ramp) 169 in (429.3 cm)
    Height 107 in (271.8 cm)
    Width - Standard 100 in (254 cm)
    Weight (Fully Optioned) 5400 lbs (2449.4 kg)
    Drawbar Weight 780 lbs (353.8 kg)
    Bale Forming Chamber
    Spec Value
    Type of Chamber Variable 
    Drive Roller Size Two 4.78 in (12.1 cm) diameter, rubber coated, with 1.9 in (4.9 cm) round bearings 
    Idler Roller Size 3.5 in (8.9 cm)
    Start Roller Size 4.5 in (11.4 cm)
    Number of Plys 3-ply mini rough top    
    Width of Belt 6.8 in (17.3 cm)
    Number of Belts
    Type of Lace Alligator® Rivet    
    Length of belt (long) 455 in (1155.7 cm)
    Length of belt (short) 465 in (1181.1 cm)
    Drive System
    Spec Value
    Driveline 80 deg CV, 540 RPM    
    Roller Chain Single 60 and 80    
    Torque Protection - Main Input Shaft Friction clutch    
    Torque protection pickup Radial pin clutch    
    Bearing and Sprocket Configuration Round drive shafts and bearings 
    Tractor Requirements
    Spec Value
    Horsepower Required 45 hp (33.6 kw)
    Horsepower Recommended 55 hp (41 kw)
    Wide Pickup
    Spec Value
    Width (Tooth to Tooth) 60 in (152.4 cm)
    Width (On Outside Flair) 68.5 in (174 cm)
    Tooth Bars
    Number of Teeth 60 steel coil with 2.83 in (7.2 cm) spacing 
    Stripper Band Diameter 12.6 in (32.1 cm)
    Drive Single 60 roller chain 
    Floatation Gauge wheels 4.80-16 HD semi-pneumatic with spring assist 
    Pickup Lift Manual standard, Hydraulic optional 
    Standard Details
    Spec Value
    Bale Formation Open throat rotor feed to vertical chamber, hydraulic/spring belt tension 
    Monitor/Controller Atlas Control System 
    Machine Adjustments Adjustable gauge wheel height 
    Safety Equipment SMV sign/tail lights  
    Tailgate Cylinders Hydraulic 
    Density System Adjustable hydraulic bale density control 
    Tire Size - Standard 31 x 13.5 - 15 
    Optional Features - Twine Tie System
    Spec Value
    Feed Mechanism Single arm applying two twines 
    Twine Tension Adjustable spring loaded tension plates 
    Twine Storage 4 balls 
    Optional Features - Netwrap System
    Spec Value
    Feed Mechanism Friction pan feed system onto main belts 
    Net tension control Brake system varies tension to maximize bales per roll of net 
    Net Width Capable of standard and over width netwrap 
    Net Storage Net storage - 1 extra roll 
    Optional Features
    Spec Value
    Pickup Lift Hydraulic (replaces manual lift crank) 
    Safety Equipment Fire extinguisher, safety chain 
    Bale ramp Bolt-on spring-loaded 
    Restrictor Plates Yes 
    Miscellaneous 3 year pickup warranty  
    Work Lights Set of three flood lights