The new Catapult® CPX9000 bale processor is a machine that offers power, versatility and easy operation. The machine can process round or square bales and allows material to be thrown 60-100’ (20-30m), whether that be up and over feed bunks in a cattle operation or in large scale seeding operations around housing or commercial developments. Not only does the CPX9000 have the ability to throw forage material long distances, but it also gives operators control over where the material is thrown. Hydraulic controls make this machine easy to use, giving operators the ability to choose how the spout is angled and how the crop is distributed. The Catapult® CPX9000 bale processor is available only at participating dealers.

Vermeer CPX9000 Bale Processor

SKU: CPX9000


    • 15.6 ft (4.8 m)


    • 10 ft (3 m)

    Width - Transport

    • 8.4 ft (2.6 m)

    Width - Operation

    • 19.8 ft (6 m)


    • 7460 lbs (3383.8 kg)

    Drawbar Weight

    • 2500 lbs (1134 kg)

    Tractor Requirements
    Horsepower Required

    • 110 hp (82 kw)

    Horsepower maximum

    • 210 hp (156.6 kw)

    PTO speed

    • 1000 rpm

    Hydraulics type