The new Catapult® CPX9000 bale processor is a machine that offers power, versatility and easy operation. The machine can process round or square bales and allows material to be thrown 60-100’ (20-30m), whether that be up and over feed bunks in a cattle operation or in large scale seeding operations around housing or commercial developments. Not only does the CPX9000 have the ability to throw forage material long distances, but it also gives operators control over where the material is thrown. Hydraulic controls make this machine easy to use, giving operators the ability to choose how the spout is angled and how the crop is distributed. The Catapult® CPX9000 bale processor is available only at participating dealers.

Vermeer CPX9000 Bale Processor

SKU: CPX9000


    • 15.6 ft (4.8 m)


    • 10 ft (3 m)

    Width - Transport

    • 8.4 ft (2.6 m)

    Width - Operation

    • 19.8 ft (6 m)


    • 7460 lbs (3383.8 kg)

    Drawbar Weight

    • 2500 lbs (1134 kg)

    Tractor Requirements
    Horsepower Required

    • 110 hp (82 kw)

    Horsepower maximum

    • 210 hp (156.6 kw)

    PTO speed

    • 1000 rpm

    Hydraulics type

    • 2 - double acting 

    Hydraulic Pressure

    • 2000 psi (137.9 bar)

    Hydraulic flow rate

    • 15 gpm (56.8 L/min)

    Minimum Tractor Size

    • 8310 lbs (3769.4 kg)

    Standard Details
    Axle adjustment

    • 12" each axle 

    Bale rotation

    • Optional square bale kit gives you the ability to process large square bales in addition to round bales.  

    Bale size capacity

    • Two bales, 6' x 5' (1.8 x 1.5 m) 

    Bale weight capacity

    • 2500 lbs (1134 kg)


    • Two 38.63" blower fans (1500 rpm front & 1000 rpm rear) 

    Cut Control Bar Adjustment

    • Hand lever with 5 settings 

    Cut Control Bar Quantity

    Discharge Direction

    • 260 degrees 

    Flail description

    • Hand lever with 5 settings 

    Flail Drum Diameter

    • 26.8 in (67.9 cm)

    Flail Drum Length

    • 78 in (198.1 cm)

    Flail Drum Speed

    • 1000 rpm

    Flail Quantity

    • 30 

    Hitch Jack

    • 7000 lb (3157.15 kg) 

    Horizontal spread distance

    • 100 ft (30.5 m)

    Safety Chain Kit

    • 7000 lb (3157.15 kg) 

    Spout Length

    • 95.3 ft (29 m)

    Spout Deflector

    • 0° to 90° down 

    Spout Rotation

    • 260 degrees 

    Tire Size - Standard

    • 16.5L-16.1SL 

    Torque Protection - Driveline

    • Two shear hubs 

    Optional Features
    Extra Cut Control Bars Kit

    • Yes 

    Hydraulic Cut Control Bar Kit

    • Yes 

    Automatic bale feed system

    Material feed sensing control system.

    Optimizing productivity, the automatic bale feed system provides smooth material feeding by adjusting the feed rate of the bale chain bed to maintain a proper load and PTO RPM on the

    Dual fan air circulation system

    Direct material feed using dual fans.

    Dual fans reduce plugging by keeping material moving and air circulating throughout the bale processing operation. The fans provide direct feed creating consistent material flow from the tub to the spout, reducing inconsistent material flow that is common with non-direct feed systems.

    Offset rotor and split shafts for chain bed

    Easily accessible for maintenance.

    Access the offset rotor from the ground through the side access door to remove net and twine. In addition, the split shaft in the slat and chain bed allows for easier maintenance without removing the entire bed.

    Optional Hydraulic cut control bar kit

    Adjust cut control bars hydraulically with optional field-installed kit.

    Adjust cut control bar position from the tractor cab! Use the hydraulically controlled cut control bar adjustment alone, or in conjunction with the reversible slat and chain bed bale rotation to help mitigate tough processing conditions.

    Optional large square bale kit

    Assembly to process square bales.

    Optional square bale kit gives you the ability to process large square bales in addition to round bales.

    Replaceable wear liners

    Replaceable abrasive resistant steel wear liners in the fan.

    The CPX9000 bale processor boasts durability. Not only are the fans lined with abrasive resistant steel liners, but in addition, the liners can be replaced on the fans. This is especially helpful when handling contamination filled material such as cornstalks.

    Slat and chain bed

    Slat and chain bale rotation.

    The slat and chain bale rotation design feeds bales more consistently into the rotor, reducing the need to reverse rotation due to the positive feeding.

    T-style frame

    T-style frame with heavy duty feed system.

    The T-style frame has no welds or gussets up front, at high stress point of the machine, and the frame is bolted high on the rear of the tub for increased durability.