The Final CutTM FPX9000 bale processor from Vermeer allows you to process the amount of forage material you need, on your own time. Optimal cut-length for feeding cattle is achieved as material passes through multiple cut points. The FPX9000 is readyfor windrow or bunk feeding, or processing material into a bunker or other storage item for mixing rations later. An optional powered side wall allows you to process round or square bales. Get the consistency, versatility and speed you need with the Vermeer Final Cut FPX9000 bale processor.

Vermeer FPX9000 Bale Processor

SKU: FPX9000


    • 15.8 ft (4.8 m)


    • 8.8 ft (2.7 m)

    Width - Transport

    • 8.4 ft (2.6 m)

    Width - Operation

    • 12 ft (3.7 m)


    • 6340 lbs (2875.8 kg)

    Drawbar Weight

    • 1940 lbs (880 kg)

    Tractor Requirements
    Horsepower Required

    • 110 hp (82 kw)

    Horsepower maximum

    • 210 hp (156.6 kw)

    PTO speed

    • 1000 rpm

    Hydraulics type

    • 3 - double acting 

    Hydraulic Pressure

    • 2000 psi (137.9 bar)

    Hydraulic flow rate

    • 10 gpm (37.9 L/min)

    Minimum Tractor Size

    • 6227 lbs (2824.5 kg)

    Standard Details
    Axle adjustment

    • 12" each axle 

    Bale rotation

    • 3 roller chains with bolt-on cross slat 

    Bale size capacity

    • Two bales, 6' x 5' (1.8 x 1.5 m) 

    Bale weight capacity

    • 2500 lbs (1134 kg)

    Cut Control Bar Adjustment

    • Hand lever with 5 settings 

    Cut Control Bar Quantity

    Discharge Direction

    • Right hand 

    Flail description

    • Dual 1/4" blade x 5 1/2" 

    Flail Drum Diameter

    • 26.8 in (68.1 cm)

    Flail Drum Length

    • 78 in (198.1 cm)

    Flail Drum Speed

    • 1500 rpm

    Flail Drum Quantity

    • 60 

    Horizontal spread distance

    • 40 ft (12.2 m)

    Tire Size - Standard

    • 14L x 16.1FL 

    Torque Protection - Driveline

    • Shear bolt 

    High speed rotor flail description

    • 3.6" x 6 11/32" reversible knives 

    High speed rotor flail quantity

    • 60 

    High speed rotor diameter

    • 22.2 in (56.4 cm)

    High speed rotor length

    • 75.2 in (191 cm)

    High speed rotor speed

    • 3000 rpm

    Hitch Jack

    • 5000 lbs (2268 kg)

    Safety chain kit

    • 10000 lbs (4535.9 kg)

    Automatic bale feed system

    Material feed sensing control system.

    Optimizing productivity, the automatic bale feed system provides smooth material feeding by adjusting the feed rate of the bale chain bed to maintain a proper load and PTO RPM.

    Cutting consistency

    The Final Cut FPX9000 delivers a consistent cut length by passing through multiple cutting points.

    A primary rotor cuts the initial pieces of crop from the bale before delivering it to the high-speed rotor knives. The high-speed rotor chops the crop further before sending it back through the primary rotor and ejecting it from the machine. These multiple touch-points provide consistency of cut size throughout the entire bale.

    Dual direct drive gearbox

    This design delivers greater durability and requires less maintenance.

    Powerful and even distribution of material out the right-hand side of the machine is achieved with the dual direct drive gearbox.

    Intermeshing rotor flails

    60 flails on each rotor intermesh with one-another.

    Durable flails on the primary rotor intermesh with the high-speed rotor knives for better consistency of processed material. Access the high-speed rotor from the ground for each of maintenance. Combined, these components lessen the chance of unprocessed crop being fed through the machine and help reduce twine and net buildup.

    Optional hydraulic cut control bar kit

    Adjust cut control bars hydraulically with optional field-installed kit.

    Adjust cut control bar position from the tractor cab! Use the hydraulically controlled cut control bar adjustment alone, or in conjunction with the reversible slat and chain bed bale rotation to help mitigate tough processing conditions.

    Optional large square bale kit

    Assembly to process square bales.

    Optional square bale kit gives you the ability to process large square bales in addition to round bales.

    Right-side discharge

    Discharge location on same side as tractor hydraulics controls.

    Right-side discharge located on the same side as tractor hydraulic controls gives the operator improved visibility of the discharge area.

    Slat and chain bed

    Slat and chain bale rotation.

    The slat and chain bale rotation design feeds bales more consistently into the rotor, reducing the need to reverse rotation due to the positive feeding. In addition, the split shaft in the slat and chain bed allows for easier maintenance without removing the entire bed.

    T-style frame

    T-style frame with fewer parts and limited weld areas.

    The t-style frame has no welds or gussets up front, at high stress point of the machine, and the frame is bolted high on the rear of the tub for increased durability.

    Versatility in applications

    Assembly to process square bales.

    Optional square bale kit gives you the ability to process large square bales in addition to round bales.