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Vermeer ZR5-1200 Product Literture

Big-time operators need a big-time machine to do big-time things.


This first of its kind – the ZR5 self-propelled baler makes quick work of any field while offering an unprecedented level of operator comfort and maneuverability. 


Automating parts of the baling process, the ZR5 aims to reduce the number of steps an operator must complete to make a bale as well as provide the ability to automatically make real-time adjustments based on field, crop and operator inputs. 


Get ready to go big time and let the ZR5 change the way you put up hay.

Ride quality

A patent-pending independent suspension system within the ZR5-1200 allows operators to better handle the uneven ground conditions that naturally come with baling hay. Operators will experience a smooth, comfortable ride with the cab uniquely positioned over the suspension. The ZR5-1200 cab was built with wide visibility in mind and with a camera to see both the baler pickup and rear view of the machine.

Take turns with increased maneuverability

Vermeer applied zero-turn capabilities to the steering system
in the ZR5-1200. Operators can spend less time turning in the field
and more time baling when compared to a conventional tractor-baler combination. In field mode, the zero-turn capability helps ZR5-1200 operators minimize skipping windrows with its ability to make a tight turn. And when it’s time to rally home or to the next field, operators can conveniently switch to transport mode. Transport mode hydraulically locks in the front caster wheels for traditional steering down the road.

One-step baling automation

By automating parts of the baling process, the ZR5-1200 helps reduce the number of manual steps to make a bale to just one; all an operator needs to do is push “Go.” When the operator chooses to bale in automatic mode, the ZR5-1200 control system, paired with a hydraulic drive system, can make real-time adjustments based on field and crop conditions and can even open and close the tailgate automatically. By not requiring the operator to perform every step, the automation helps make the overall baling process
more efficient and also helps create more consistent bale sizes. Plus, integrated quarter-turn technology allows the bales to be placed parallel to the windrow, saving time when picking up bales.

Convenient machine maintenance

Machine maintenance is made convenient with the ZR5-1200.
The bale chamber can be removed for maintenance in a matter of
minutes to help producers spend their time productively in the field. After the chamber is detached from the base unit, producers have convenient access to the bale chamber for routine maintenance.

The need for speed

The ZR5-1200 zero-turn capability and innovative design, coupled
with its 200 hp (149 kW) engine, helps operators get the maximum benefits in their hay operation. This includes rallying at speeds up to 12 mph (19.3 kph) in the field based on ground conditions, and up to 30+ mph (48.3+ kph) when in transport mode.


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