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WR9900 Series Windrower Swather

Introducing the next leap forward from the company that developed the category: the WR9900 Series. No other windrower helps you produce quality hay faster, more efficiently or more comfortably. New models feature the added power to handle all crop conditions, a brand-new cab for more comfort and greater hydraulic capacity for increased productivity.

The WR9900 Series comes with all new headers that offer higher productivity, faster field speeds and more control. You can enjoy better performance, more comfort and better hay — without the drawbacks of added weight, increased wheelbase and larger overall dimensions. Increased horsepower provides more capability, with all models having the ability to run disc, auger or draper headers.

Hesston by Massey Ferguson

WR9900 Series Brochure


A Cut Above the Rest.

No other windrowers can produce Hesston hay, because no other windrowers offer our exclusive combination of power, technology, capacity and comfort, developed in direct response to feedback from farmers like you.


A windrower so smart, it talks to itself.

Proprietary software on the WR9900 Series allows a variety of components to communicate electronically and execute many of its functions automatically. These components include:

  • Automatic header speed

  • Automatic load control

  • Rotary header speed compensation

  • OptiCruise™ speed control

  • Electro-hydraulic steering

  • Auto-steering

  • V-Cool cooling system

  • Automatic reel speed

  • Automatic header float

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